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Operators of New Mini Excavators are Using Rubber Tracks. Are You?

August 31, 2016 | Author: | Posted in BUSINESS

Tractors have been useful machines in farms since they help ease a lot of processes like harvesting and sowing. Farmers have invested heavily in machines that reduce labor and increase efficiency and speed of work. Tractors have been around in the farming industry for long enough to have their share of advancements in technologies and added equipment. Usual tractors come with rubber tires. Another alternative that they have for mobility is a continuous track system. A continuous track system is a system of vehicle propulsion in which a long band of treads and plates grip the ground and move the vehicle constantly.

Now the question arises, are continuous tracks better than rubber tires? Well, absolutely. Continuous tracks cover a larger surface area which is important for vehicles as heavy as tractors and excavators. They provide better functionality on rather rougher surfaces and are also physically stronger than tires. Physics agrees with the use of continuous tracks over rubber tires. They offer way better results than tires when it comes to pulling and pushing heavier loads. New mini excavators (miniescavatori nuovi) come with pre-installed rubber tracks these days.

Rubber tracks are a widely used option for vehicles which have to deal in projects based in pavements since they move the vehicle easily on concrete finishes. Rubber tracks are known to provide the user with a smooth and comparatively quieter ride, which is not usually expected while driving a vehicle as heavy and gigantic as an excavator. Any contractor that has used rubber tracks (cingoli in gomma usati) for his machines knows how much difference this little change in the propulsion system of their machines can make to their work. A popular replacement to tracks made of rubber is steel. However, steel tracks are known to damage hard terrain like asphalt pavements. Because of their sharp metal edges, they also impart damage to less firm terrains. This is why most contractors are opting for rubber tracks which provide optimal functionality along with damage free operation.

A leading company that sets the industry standard when it comes to manufacturing and supplying rubber continuous tracks is Toyama. Rubber tracks at Toyama are manufactured, keeping in mind that all the products last long and provide their users with excellent functionality. Produced using the most advanced techniques; tracks sold at can move your vehicle in the toughest of terrain. The rubber used in the tires is produced by the most advanced techniques of rubber vulcanization.

About Toyama:

Toyama is a company that specializes in manufacturing and providing rubber continuous tracks for excavators and heavy machines. They are one of the leading markets of online selling rubber tracks (vendita online cingoli in gomma) and making one of the rare products available to the public. For more information, visit



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