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Exactly what does a Neurologist Do?

April 30, 2013 | Author: | Posted in INTERNET

If yourrrve been referred to a neurologist, you most likely are concered about what which means. A neurologist is actually a physician who may have special trained in the diagnosis and treatment of brain disorders and nerves conditions. The most typical causes of being referred to or seeking the management of a neurologist include headaches, sudden decrease in vision or decrease in coordination, muscular atrophy and muscular contracture. These symptoms might be mild and temporary or severe and permanent.

A brain aneurism can be a blood-filled balloon in a artery that transports blood to your brain. It might be a stroke when the weakened circulatory wall ruptures. A stroke can cause headaches, numbness and tingling, one-sided paralysis or weakness and vision loss. A neurologist can certainly help stroke sufferers rehabilitate if you can ,. Some or all destruction caused by a stroke might be permanent. Given early enough, clot-busting therapy will help patients recover faster and get fewer permanent disabilities.

Headaches and muscle pain are some of the most popular complaints heard by neurologists. Most of us have mild and temporary headaches caused by illness or stress but headaches could be a manifestation of a far more serious underlying condition. Swelling that puts pressure about the brain might cause frequent and severe headaches. Bleeding from the brain may cause the exact same style of migraines. Neurologists can treat these conditions with non-surgical remedies.

Concussions might also result in severe headaches, amnesia, confusion, dizziness and loss in balance. Although most concussions never cause permanent damage, a neurologist must be consulted whenever traumatic brain injury has occurred. Repeated trauma to your head may lead to depression, dementia and Parkinsons disease, a progressive disorder of your nerve fibres.

Muscle pain that’s sudden, severe or persistent can be indicative of a life threatening problem. Some muscle problems can be directly related to muscle conditions while others are indirectly brought on by nerve damage or neuromuscular disorders. Many neurological conditions cause muscle pain and complications with movement.

ALS or Lou Gehrig’s disease affects the nerve cells from the nerves inside the body. ALS should be diagnosed and treated by a neurologist. Because it is degenerative and progressive, ALS eventually causes muscular atrophy and paralysis. There is no cure for ALS but patients who receive treatment from a qualified neurologist could have an even better total well being as well as their life might be prolonged.

Alzheimers disease is a common, progressive and degenerative sort of dementia. This can be a fatal disease without the need of known causes. AD destroys brain cells so when it spreads, the symptoms are more severe. A neurologist may help AD patients by prescribing medication that treat its symptoms.

Epilepsy, or seizure disorder, can be a neurological condition that causes instances of disturbed brain activity, modifications in behavior, convulsions and loss of awareness. Neurologists will be able to treat most all cases of epilepsy through an anticonvulsant medication. Some epileptics require lifelong medication but others fully recover after taking medication for several years. If surgical procedures are required, a neurosurgeon must operate. Electrical stimulation of your vagus nerve and a ketogenic diet has proved successful for many patients.

Peripheral nerve disorders, low back pain, backbone injuries and multiple sclerosis may also be treated by a orange county neurology. Ms, or MS, is definitely an autoimmune disease where the body attacks the myelin sheath surrounding and protecting nerves in the brain and backbone. Because myelin will also help nerves receive and transmit impulses, damaged myelin causes nerve fibres signals for being disrupted. Muscle pain and weakness are the first major symptoms of MS.

If you browse the neurologist, you will have to provide a full health. Your personal doctor will examine your vision, coordination, reflexes, strength along with your perception to the touch.

A neurologist orange county can help you take care of symptoms and provide you advice to enhance your life.



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